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ISCORMA-2 Awards

   The Awards Dinner was held the evening of 7 August in the Mercure Hevelius restaurant. The conference sponsor, Donald E. Bently, funded several precious metal awards: platinum and gold. After having reviewed all submitted papers, the Organizing Committee gave the following awards:

  • Outstanding research paper to Zbigniew Dzygadlo and Idzi Nowotarski for the paper, "Nonlinear Regular and Chaotic Bending Vibrations of the Rotating Shaft" - two gold coins;
  • Outstanding Field Case History to Zlatan Racic for the paper, "Runout Measurement With Non-Contact Probes and FE Modeling, Tools in Root Cause Analysis" - one platinum coin;
  • Best Practical Paper to David P. Fleming and J. V. Poplawski, for the paper, "Unbalance Response Prediction of Rotors on Ball Bearings Using Speed and Load Dependent Nonlinear Bearing Stiffness" - two gold coins;
  • Two awards (platinum coins) for the best student papers to Keun-Joo Kim, for the paper, "Identification of Dynamic Stiffness of Squeeze Film Damper Using Active Magnetic Bearing System as an Exciter" (co-authored by C.-W. Lee) and to Alireza Alizadeh for the paper, "Robust Active Vibration Control of Flexible Rotors Using Piezo Actuators as Active Bearings" (coauthored by C. Ehmann, U. Schonhoff, and R. Nordmann).

   Finally, the last award was not determined by the Organizing Committee, but resulted from voting by the participants at the conference (a "Vox Populi" Award). After each presentation of the paper, the audience participants were asked to evaluate it in a scale from zero to ten. The given lump evaluation criteria included the contents of the paper and the presentation skills of the presenter.

   The highest score and, therefore, the Best Presentation for the Conference Award was given to Prof. Heinz Ulbrich from Technical University of Munich (Germany) for the paper, "Improvement of Rotor Performance Under Rubbing Conditions Through Active Auxiliary Bearings."

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